My sweet Lion and Lioness, hope you have won the half battle.

2 subjective papers are now torn apart.

2 objective papers are left now.




Paper is of TWO HOURS "Without" any reading time

You are required to carry : Calculator, ADMIT CARD, BLACK pen, pencils, eraser, water bottle and watch.


You shall be provided with following OMR sheet for Paper 3 and 4.


Everything to be written in BOXES is to be written with BLACK BALL PEN.

Everything to be circled is to be done with HB pencils.

The answer sheet number given on the TOP left is to be written on the first pge of Question paper.
2, 3, 4 :  The "Question Paper Booklet number" , "Questionn paper booklet CODE"  and the  "SET CODE" will be printed on the FIRST page of Question paper.
5. The ROLL NUMBER is given on your ADMIT CARD.
6. Put your signature as given on the ADMIT CARD.
7. Circle the appropriate answers with HB pencils.


Just remember that objective paper is all confidence based and time management.

Its not important to answer all 100 questions.

50 questions would be easy; 20-30 questions would be above average. Last 20-30 would be lengthy and tricky.

Spend first 1 hour to solve the easiest 50 questions.



The entire team of Vaibhav Jalan classes wishes you good luck.

May GOD BLESS YOU ALL and you clear the exam with high marks.